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About Nezam Tehran Holding

Nezam Tehran Engineering Holding started its activity in 2006 with the aim to render vast services in the technical and engineering fields, including construction and facilities, taking part in domestic and international bidding on projects, and related trading services. The starting activities of the company were focused on building operations, calculations, design and execution of construction projects in the industry and construction department. By trusting in God and thanks to ever-increasing endeavor and invaluable experience gained and benefiting from the greatest professional engineers, the company has gained brilliant progresses.

Despite the busy working schedule and having design and execution operations executed at the same time, this company has always put compliance with Q.C.D. principles on top of its priorities, and has occupied a special place in the building industry thanks to compliance with qualitative standards and benefiting from advancements in technology and working with the best architects, construction, and civil engineers in a way that not many rivals can be thought of for the company. Completing many great industrial projects and office buildings and the related facilities, at reasonable costs and with a high quality is an honor which our colleagues and different units of the company have played a part in bringing it.
With tens of small and mega projects construction and installation projects, the company still is seeking ever-increasing development and is able to take charge of the biggest building and facilities operations both locally and overseas. The great goals of the company are to offer special engineering services in the field of design, calculation and execution in the departments of industry, building and facilities in a way that the clients enjoy the highest standards at the lowest costs. To meet this purpose, a complete team of all specialties has come together to provide services deserving your trust.

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More than 1 millions meters of building has been supervised.
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Architectural design project
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A More than 5 thousand meters of building has been built